You came through for us to fund the Marc Fragge '87 Addition to the House, which has drawn rave reviews from undergraduates and alumni alike! The Addition has reinvigorated our Fraternity. We have resumed our annual voluntary alumni dues program to help service our $300,000 mortgage held by the College, fund needed repairs, and ensure that the Boom Boom Lodge remains secure for future generations of Dartmouth men. To meet these goals we need to raise $20,000 per year from our approximately 1,300 alumni.

In June, the House Corporation hosted two cocktail parties during reunions. More than one hundred alumni returned to the House. As you can see by the above reports, the undergraduate brotherhood remains extremely strong. We dread asking for money but we need to keep our great Fraternity going!

Giving Levels are:

$200 ___ " Full House Dues" for older alumni ('03 and prior)

$100 ___ "Associate House Dues" for the same classes

$50 ____ Classes '04-'13

Please enter the amount of your donation as indicated by Giving Levels above:

Or if you would like to make a contribution by check, please make your check payable to :
"Theta Delta Chi, Inc" and mail it to:
Theta Delta Chi, Inc.
c/o T.J. Bonus '81 PO Box 22 Hanover, NH 03755

Thank you very much for your generosity. We request that Large Contributions (those in excess of $1,000) be made by check, since approximately 3 cents of every dollar you give using the Donate buttons above goes to PayPal.